Wednesday, 12 October 2016

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Hi everyone, so today I thought I would do a little round up of everything we've booked for our America trip next summer! So we've actually been really organised and managed to book everything on our checklist while also sticking to our budget, it was important for us to do this as this now allows us to save for spending money as we're not 100% sure on the amount we'll need to spend while we're there.
So the first thing on our list were the flights and we booked them on because they are so cheap! Honestly they're half the price of what we were expecting so we definitely got off to a good start. We're travelling with Air New Zealand which is a budget airline but they had great reviews on their website.
Next, our focus was on hotels and we got a lot of advice from my boyfriends' friend who has been to California a couple of times. So our first night will be in an airport hotel as we arrive late, then the next day we can pick up our car easily and the next couple of nights will be at Newport beach. We originally were going to stay right in Hollywood but the area supposedly can be dangerous at night so we decided to change to a quieter part of LA.
We then booked two nights along the coast, our San Francisco hotel, camping at Yosemite, one night in Lone Pine and then a hotel right on the Las Vegas Strip! We're staying at the LINQ which is a 4 star at a really great price. Following on from Vegas we will stay one night at Barstow which is exactly half way to LA, then our last night will be back at an LAX hotel because we fly back early in the day. One thing I would advise is that Yosemite was tricky to book so if you're going do it in plenty of time!
We then booked a few trips including an amazing Grand Canyon tour that involves a helicopter ride! Also we booked Alcatraz tickets, and although they seem a bit pricey for what the trip actually involves but I know it will be worth it.
So after all that we just needed to get visas, a sat nav, transport to Heathrow and we were done!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!