Friday, 30 September 2016



So I've been blonde all my life, but in the last couple of years my natural colour has started get dark and dull to the point where it doesn't even look blonde anymore. I've always wanted to do something to lighten the colour but I think I've got an irrational fear of dying it because I just think it will go horrifically wrong and fall out or something. Also I'm not one for maintenance and I knew topping up my roots would get on my nerves after a while.
So the next best thing would be the lightening product SUN IN. I've known about this product for years because my mum uses it (and her hair looks great) so I finally put it in my amazon basket to try out. So I've been using it for a couple of weeks and I can already see a big difference especially in the front section and I'm really loving it! I heard so much about it drying out your hair but honestly mine doesn't feel any different and I've just been using my regular conditioner. As you might be able to tell in the darker parts of my hair it does look a tiny bit orange, but that's what purple shampoo is for!

Thanks for reading everyone!


Francesca | said...

This is one of those products that I've always been a little nervous to try - I have a lot of red in my hair, so I never really expected a blonde result.
Having read your review, though, I definitely think I would use a small amount just to get a natural highlight.

francesca | xx

han in van said...

It actually looks like it's made a huge difference and it looks amazing x

Maria0618 said...
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