Monday, 19 September 2016

Hi everyone, so today I thought I'd show you a few books that are great reads which can also be used as décor for your coffee table or anywhere around the house.

Dirty Blonde: The diaries of Courtney Love
So if you're not a Courtney Love/Hole/Nirvana fan this might not be for you, but it's one of my faves because it's full of unseen photos, diary entries and full-on nineties nostalgia. It's got some crazy things from her childhood, her career beginnings and her marriage. It's a really interesting read with some amazing photographs showing what it was like to be in an iconic 90's band.

ROOKIE Yearbook One
I've been obsessed with Tavi Gevinson and Rookie ever since I first discovered blogging. I think she is so inspiring and Rookie is always to entertaining so I had to get my hands on their first ever Yearbook. It's a round up of all the best photoshoots, articles and DIY's from their website and it's a great book to flick through for a laugh and inspiration.

Lauren Conrad Style
What happened to Lauren Conrad?? Anyway, I've had this book for years and some of you may scoff and dismiss it but I actually really liked it! It's basically advice on how to dress etc but it also has really interesting moments like where she talks about the best vintage stores in LA and I just love reading about that sort of thing because it kind of fills my travel wanderlust!

Hope everyone liked this post and leave any other recommendations down below!!


Georgia. said...

Such brilliant coffee table gems, always useful for a flick through. I would have to recommend Alexa's book as well as the Sartorialist - ideal for inspiration :)

// xx

Tanya Golubeva said...

Lovely post!

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Cara E said...

Great choices! I've loved Tavi for years now ever since she was still doing Style Rookie, I really need to get my hands on all of the Rookie Yearbooks as they look adorable! xx