Tuesday, 20 September 2016

So this is happening. From the 24th of july to the 14th of august I will be exploring America! A round trip beginning and ending in Los Angeles with so many amazing stops in between and I can't wait! I've always wanted to go to America and me and my boyfriend have been thinking of doing this since last year as we really want to do some travelling together, and America was first on our list. Now of course we're not made of money so we couldn't of possibly travelled across every state, so our main focus is California then going to Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

Our basic route will look like:
Los Angeles --- Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo --- Big Sur --- Monterey and Pebble Beach --- San Francisco --- Yosemite National Park --- Lone Pine --- Death Valley National Park --- Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon --- Red Rock national Park --- Barstow --- Los Angeles.

We've packed in so many things for the three weeks and I'm so excited! I'll be doing more blog posts when we've booked our hotels and any extras like day trips etc.

Thanks so much for reading and leave any recommendations for what we need to see down below!


Georgia. said...

Oh wow, this sounds amazing! I'm so desperate to travel around the States, my boyfriend and myself were thinking of exploring NY next year, but your trip sounds like a real adventure. Look forward to reading more about your plans :)

// xx

Emily Lavenders said...

That sounds so amazingly exciting!! I hope your trip planning goes well, Death Valley is on my list to visit for sure! x

Armelle said...

This is the road trip I am doing in three weeks but backwards !


Francesca | said...

I am so obscenely jealous!
I've always wanted to road trip around America, and I can't wait to see your posts about the run up to it!

francesca | xx

Ivana Jeknić said...

I am so happy for you, hope you will enjoy exploring and traveling xoxo