Monday, 22 August 2016

So I first heard about this tag from the blog Vivatramp and thought it was so hilarious! I had to give it a go as I think it's such an entertaining post and I wanted to give myself a challenge!

MICKEY MOUSE CLUB A book you read as a child that sparked your love of reading

So as you can tell by the state of this book, I have read it countless times throughout my childhood and admittedly as an adult as well. Jacqueline Wilson was the first author I really became obsessed with and read absolutely everything, and Girls Under Pressure was definitely one of my favourites as I found the subject matter (dieting, anorexia etc) really interesting and think it's a book all teenage girls should read.   

OOPS, I READ IT AGAIN! A book that you love to re-read

This book is so good. I was introduced to it when I was doing my a-levels and became addicted to it! I used it for my coursework and loved analysing it cover to cover because of the dark, twisted characters and how it delves into love, obsession and untrustworthy narrators.

JAMIE LYNN A book that looks similar to another book

Now 'classic' versions of novels always kind of look the same because they usually use paintings for their covers, and these two are nearly identical! Come on, it could be the same guy.

CROSSROADS A book you think is underrated

Now, I know I can't really call a Harry Potter book underrated, BUT the prisoner of Azkaban is the least popular of all of them, but it's my favourite! I love the story of Sirius Black and The Marauders and as a kid I dreamed of having Hermionie's time travelling necklace!

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE A book you can't get over

Oh my god. What I would give to read this book for the first time again. It truly is a masterpiece. Any fiction to do with WWII or the holocaust is usually a great read, but this book is something else. It's one of the only books that have made me cry and it's so clever and makes you think right up until the last page.

MADONNA A book with an older character you want to make out with

I'm literally in love with Mr. Rochester. I will never understand the craze for Mr. Darcy (come on the guy's a twat) as I think Mr. Rochester is a far more likeable character that has a more unorthodox personality that's refreshing in Victorian literature. My love was cemented with Michael Fassbender's portrayal of him anyway.

THE ONYX HOTEL A book you quit half way through

This was a book I started just before I went to University and just forgot to finish it. I was really enjoying it though so I'll be picking it up again soon.

KEVIN FEDERLINE A book you regret bringing into your life

Obviously I still don't have it, but it would be Pride and Prejudice. I get that it's an iconic book, but it's so dull and difficult to get through when I was in school, I was so glad when it was over!


Ok so I don't actually have an really explicit books but Sharp objects is one where it's talked about in detail, it's such a great read I highly recommend!

CHEETOS An orange book

This really stands out on my shelf even though I haven't read it! I do love Margaret Atwood so I'm looking forward to it.

2007 A book that was tough to get through

I love this book although I would 100% say it's a tough read, not only for the subject matter but also because of the language it uses. However once you get through it you understand why it's such a classic.

GIMME MORE A book that should have a sequel

I did like this book although I was I little bit let down by the end, however I think a sequel would work really well as the characters are really interesting to read.

STARBUCKS A book that kept you up all night

I think my favourite of all time, it's exciting, scary and just keeps you gripped the whole way through. I was definitely reading it into the night and it still affects the way I think now.

'3' A book with a love triangle

I very famous love triangle, that's annoying, sad and hopeless at the same time. I love Gatsby and Daisy's relationship as it's great to try and work out, and it's one I don't think anyone will fully understand.

COOL A book you thought was cool

I'm a big fan of apocalypse/dystopian novels, and I thought this novel was really unique.

WORK BITCH An inspirational book

Who doesn't find Matilda inspiring? Roald Dahl will always remind me of being a kid and I loved reading Matilda, she's such an inspiring and brave female character.

This has honestly been such an enjoyable post to write! Let me know which was your favourite (does anyone find this tag as funny as me?) and please give my blog a follow!

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Hi guys so I'm officially a correspondent for Tribe! I wrote an article for them a couple of weeks ago for them and they asked me to be a permanent contributor which is so exciting! I cant wait to write some interesting things to do with our culture and society, so watch this space...


Thursday, 4 August 2016

Hi everyone, so I've recently written an article for tribe magazine and I'd love everyone to check it out!