Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Hi everyone, so I've recently done up my room so I thought I'd show you all how it's looking! Because I'm going to be living at home next year I thought I'd make a couple of changes so it would be a nice relaxing space to do all my work in and then shut off at the end of the day, so chose to decorate in neutral colours with splashes of greenery to make it feel fresh and open. Because my room is so small I didn't want the walls cluttered in loads of pictures or posters, but I kept my huge dream catcher as I just love it!

So most of the furniture is from Ikea, and I especially love this desk as the shelves give me so much more storage, so I've filled them with things like photo frames and this cute succulent candle from Anthropologie. I also bought a cactus the other day (I have no idea how to look after it so any help please!!) and I love it! The mirror is perfect for my height as I wanted a full length one, and I've just decorated it with this fake ivy vine.

I love this little area next to my door, as the shelf holds some of my fashion/culture books as well as my jewellery and sunglasses. On top of my chest of drawers is this amazing Moroccan style lantern that I've just put some fairy lights in, and some candles with my Dad's Nirvana vinyl.

This little section of my wall I want to be my little travel area, where I can put all my souvenirs from different places I visit. The elephant hanging is from Greece, and the little china plate in from Italy.


I love my little bedside table, it's where all my make up and skincare live and most of my products (make up that is) are in these clear Muji drawers. This mirror stand is from Ikea, and the hand trinket bowl is from Urban Outfitters an it holds a few skin care essentials like eye cream and spot treatment. My window sill holds a few more candles and a little Buddha, as well as a Kurt Cobain coaster. Sooooo punk rock...

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think in the comments below, and give my blog a follow so I can check out yours too!

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Isabel Robertson said...

Your room is gorgeous! I love how you set up your bedside table!

Bella x