Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Hi everyone, so I've recently done up my room so I thought I'd show you all how it's looking! Because I'm going to be living at home next year I thought I'd make a couple of changes so it would be a nice relaxing space to do all my work in and then shut off at the end of the day, so chose to decorate in neutral colours with splashes of greenery to make it feel fresh and open. Because my room is so small I didn't want the walls cluttered in loads of pictures or posters, but I kept my huge dream catcher as I just love it!

So most of the furniture is from Ikea, and I especially love this desk as the shelves give me so much more storage, so I've filled them with things like photo frames and this cute succulent candle from Anthropologie. I also bought a cactus the other day (I have no idea how to look after it so any help please!!) and I love it! The mirror is perfect for my height as I wanted a full length one, and I've just decorated it with this fake ivy vine.

I love this little area next to my door, as the shelf holds some of my fashion/culture books as well as my jewellery and sunglasses. On top of my chest of drawers is this amazing Moroccan style lantern that I've just put some fairy lights in, and some candles with my Dad's Nirvana vinyl.

This little section of my wall I want to be my little travel area, where I can put all my souvenirs from different places I visit. The elephant hanging is from Greece, and the little china plate in from Italy.


I love my little bedside table, it's where all my make up and skincare live and most of my products (make up that is) are in these clear Muji drawers. This mirror stand is from Ikea, and the hand trinket bowl is from Urban Outfitters an it holds a few skin care essentials like eye cream and spot treatment. My window sill holds a few more candles and a little Buddha, as well as a Kurt Cobain coaster. Sooooo punk rock...

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think in the comments below, and give my blog a follow so I can check out yours too!


Sunday, 26 June 2016

I feel like I haven't done a book review on the blog in forever, so I thought it would be perfect to show what I read on holiday because I couldn't put these books down, yes they distracted me so much I got burnt. Yep.
Now just a warning these books aren't exactly the most cheerful or uplifting so if you prefer more chilled out reads for holiday these might not be for you, but honestly they're so good you should just get them anyway.
Girl on the train
I heard so much about this book before I eventually caved in and got it, the title really drew me in as it just sounded really mysterious and sinister, and everyone was raving about it so I couldn't wait to get stuck in. It's true what they say it really is a page turner, and I love that it's written through several narrators telling different parts of the story as it keeps you reading to find out what happens. I loved the plot, however I would advise not reading any descriptions of the book as they are really misleading, even the tagline 'You don't know her. But she knows you.' to me doesn't really indicate what the book will be about, as I was expecting a different ending. I did really enjoy the book, however I felt like the ending was a little flat as the whole book gave the impression that there was going to be a huge climax with a shocking twist, however I could predict the ending about half way through. It was so well written I kept me gripped the whole time, I just wish the ending had been more exciting. However I would still recommend as it was a really great read!
Heavier than Heaven
So this is obviously a book more catered to a specific audience, however I still wanted to include it to say how great it is! I was quite sceptical when I started reading this biography (written by Charles R. Cross) as so many books, articles and films about Kurt Cobain I really haven't liked because they either give a mostly negative view of him or go the other way and romanticize his life and drug abuse. However this biography was really well balanced and gave a real, honest account of his life and career, worst and best bits included. I really enjoyed reading it so if you're into biographies or rock music you should give this a go as it was so well written and researched.
Sharp Objects
This book was definitely my favourite of the three, I read it in a couple of days and I had to slow myself down because I didn't want to finish it too quickly! It was so dark, creepy and well thought out, the plot was so gripping with twists that make you literally suspect every character so when the ending arrives you are really not expecting it! It delves into deep physiological conditions as well as the dangers of small town life and yeah, its just really great. That's kind of all I have to say.

Thanks for reading guys, let me know your book recommendations!


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

 // Image one - here // Image two - here
Top - Topshop
Shorts - Esprit
Waistcoat - Esprit
Bag - River Island
Sunglasses - Quay Australia
Choker - Urban Outfitters
Wellies - Hunter
Face Glitter - NYX

Hi everyone! So summer is finally here which means we can finally put away the coats and scarves and start dressing for warmer weather! I love when the seasons change and we can start pulling out things of our wardrobes that we haven't worn in months and style them in new ways!
I think one of the biggest styling inspirations for summer is definitely festival fashion, as every year when Coachella and Glastonbury roll around everyone is obsessed with what everyone's wearing. So I thought I'd do a little post combining a few things that you probably already have in your wardrobe as well as a few trends for summer 2016 to make the perfect festival inspired outfit!
So starting with some basic denim shorts (a staple of course - these are from Esprit) and then pairing them with this really cute Bardot top and suede fringed poncho which makes the outfit look feminine while also adding a western vibe to the look. I also love this bum bag from River Island as the coin fringing looks so great in accessories for festivals, and how pretty are these sunglasses! The mirrored trend is everywhere at the moment, along with chokers (thanks to the Jenners and Hadids) and I think they make the look more dressed up if you don't want to go as casual. However if you want to go all out, add some glitter! There are so many amazing make up looks with face glitter and gems (but white girls, please don't wear bindis!) so why not, get creative!

Gwen Stafani // Mika Francis

Really hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know if you're heading to any festivals this year!


Thursday, 16 June 2016

This will be the last photos I promise!
This last diary entry is when we visited the island Paxos and then to mainland Greece Parga. The island was one of my favourite moments of the trip as it was so beautiful the harbour was so peaceful and the town was filled with cute cafes and flower cover streets. Parga was also equally beautiful, ergh Greece is just stunning I miss it already!

Thanks for reading as always!


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

So these photos are from a trip we did where you go to several parts of the island Corfu to see the best viewpoints, beaches and places of history.
We went to the palace of Achilles which was so beautiful and interesting (bit over the top but you know, that's greek mythology for ya) and then we travelled to Paleokastritsa which hands down is the prettiest beach I've ever been too. With the tiny boats, turquoise water and white mountains it felt like we were in Thailand or something. Honestly we couldn't believe how beautiful it was.
We ended the trip by going to the oldest monastery of the island which was covered in bright flowers and olive trees.

Hope you enjoyed the post!


Sunday, 12 June 2016

(Sorry I have A LOT of photos!)

I just got back from an amazing trip to Corfu and after looking through all my photos on the plane back I couldn't wait to upload them!
Part one includes our hotel and our trip to Corfu town which was so pretty! The town was full of tiny streets littered with markets and tiny churches, and the waterfront was so stunning as we were surrounded by crystal clear blue water. Our hotel was also amazing, it was set on a mountain side and as you can tell the views were incredible, it was so difficult to leave!

See you for Part two!