NARS sheer glow foundation - An honest review

Friday, 22 April 2016

As you guys know I went to bath recently and I just couldn't help spending loads of money! There were so many gorgeous shops and when I saw a NARS stand in a department store I knew I was in trouble...
Everyone raves about NARS and their sheer glow foundation and I've wanted to try it for years after seeing it constantly on YouTube looking amazing. It's £31 which makes it my most expensive foundation so I was expecting to really love it as the colour match was great as it was light but didn't make me look really pale like so many other products. However after a couple of weeks of trying it out, I really can't see the hype.
Firstly, it does apply really nicely and doesn't leave patches and feels light and comfortable on the skin. I've tried it with both my real techniques sponge and also buffing brush to see which works best but they both give the same result.
The biggest problem with this foundation is what it looks like after completing my make up. It's only been on my skin for a maximum 20 minutes and already it looks smeary and is gathering on the dryer places of my face especially on my nose. It makes my face look a little oily on the cheeks and overall shinier than I wanted! It does give me a really pretty, healthy glow from a distant or in a selfie, however when I look closer I can really see it separating on my face and it makes my nose look so dry. This foundation would probably be ok for you if you've got 100% normal skin or a darker/olive tone, however if you're pale and have dry patches like me, I wouldn't recommend.
I've tried applying it differently with a primer, more powder etc but I'm really not too impressed with it, even though it does give you a nice complexation and looks good in pictures. All I'll say is I won't be re-purchasing it as I've found amazing foundations on the high street (Bourjois Healthy mix serum is my holy grail) which are a third of the price!

Let me know what you guys think of NARS sheer glow, and what's your fave foundation?


Louise Francesca said...

Great honest review, that's a shame its not working for your skin type! I bought this a couple of months ago and its working really well for me, I always have to use powder on top though as it does tend to go shiny XX

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Cara E said...

I thought I was the only one who didn't love this! I had a really similar experience to yours, I feel much less alone now xx

Laura. said...

Wow! Such a shame you didn't like it that much considering you shelled out for it! I don't think I'll be buying this because I think I'll have a similar experience as well. Thanks for being honest!

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alice bea said...

Your welcome!

alice bea said...

Good to know I wasn't the only one haha!

Liz Fang said...

Good to know! I'm trying to find a new foundation for the summer so I'll probably steer clear of this one. I've heard the Marc Jacob foundation is pretty good and light!