NARS sheer glow foundation - An honest review

Friday, 22 April 2016

As you guys know I went to bath recently and I just couldn't help spending loads of money! There were so many gorgeous shops and when I saw a NARS stand in a department store I knew I was in trouble...
Everyone raves about NARS and their sheer glow foundation and I've wanted to try it for years after seeing it constantly on YouTube looking amazing. It's £31 which makes it my most expensive foundation so I was expecting to really love it as the colour match was great as it was light but didn't make me look really pale like so many other products. However after a couple of weeks of trying it out, I really can't see the hype.
Firstly, it does apply really nicely and doesn't leave patches and feels light and comfortable on the skin. I've tried it with both my real techniques sponge and also buffing brush to see which works best but they both give the same result.
The biggest problem with this foundation is what it looks like after completing my make up. It's only been on my skin for a maximum 20 minutes and already it looks smeary and is gathering on the dryer places of my face especially on my nose. It makes my face look a little oily on the cheeks and overall shinier than I wanted! It does give me a really pretty, healthy glow from a distant or in a selfie, however when I look closer I can really see it separating on my face and it makes my nose look so dry. This foundation would probably be ok for you if you've got 100% normal skin or a darker/olive tone, however if you're pale and have dry patches like me, I wouldn't recommend.
I've tried applying it differently with a primer, more powder etc but I'm really not too impressed with it, even though it does give you a nice complexation and looks good in pictures. All I'll say is I won't be re-purchasing it as I've found amazing foundations on the high street (Bourjois Healthy mix serum is my holy grail) which are a third of the price!

Let me know what you guys think of NARS sheer glow, and what's your fave foundation?

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Sunday, 17 April 2016

I think we've all asked ourselves this question several times, and then we go off dreaming in our little worlds about what we would do if we actually won the lottery.

The first thing that comes into my head is TRAVEL. Just imagine being able to go around the world with no budget, staying in beautiful hotels and going to so many amazing places without worrying about running out of money! The top of my list is America (like all of it haha) and places in Asia such as Vietnam and Japan. I just think travelling is the best way to spend money!
The next thing that comes to mind, and some of you might roll your eyes, is CHANEL. Ever since I was around 12 I've been obsessed with the classic Chanel flap bags and I made it my life goal to get to a financial position to be able to afford one! They're just so beautiful and I think they started my interest in fashion and clothes as before I was always a bit of a tomboy that just lusted after a pair of converses!
After all those kind of purchases, I think everyone begins to think about houses. I love all things homely and interior design so it would be so great to have unlimited funds to make your house look exactly the way you want it, and I've just included a few pictures from Notting Hill as it's somewhere I've always fantasied about living!
I really hope you guys enjoyed this post, and let me know what you would do if you won the lottery! Also Multilotto is a great website for playing on other countries lotteries, so give it a look and who knows luck may be on your side!

Day to Night

Friday, 8 April 2016

Neck tie - Vintage
Top - H+M (sale)
Skirt - ASOS
Bag - Zara
Ring - Camden Market
I love outfits where you can take them from  day to night by changing or adding a few extras, so I thought I would do a post showing an outfit I would wear if I was out during the day, but then also going to an evening dinner or drinks!
The base of this outfit is this cute crop top from H+M that was an absolute steal in the sale, and I love it because this crochet pattern makes it look quite smart even though it's in a cropped, cool style. I also love this skirt from asos as I think it's a great piece for summer and winter, so here I've paired it with some tights as it's still freezing in England. And like everyone, I'm obsessed with the choker revival that's been happening so I thought I would add a bit of colour and floral to this outfit with this neck tie that I've had for ages. 

Neck tie - Zara
Leather Jacket - Forever 21
Lip - Kylie Jenner in CandyK
Boots - Vagabond
So to take this to night, I simply added a black neck tie to make it a slightly darker and dramatic look, with a dark plummy lip and leather jacket. I always seem to reach for darker accessories for evening, but if it isn't your thing then an amazing red lip with a nude jacket would also look great!
Also, if you wanted to smarten your man up for the evening, check out T.M.Lewin they have a great selection of suits and ties that can go from business straight to a bar. And if you don't find anything for him, the ties can look amazing with your own look!  
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know your tips for taking an outfit from day to night!

Our trip to Bath

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Last week we took a trip to Bath and I think it's safe to say it is now one of my favourite cities! Everything was just so beautiful and historic, it really is a lovely place to walk visit as there's always something else around the corner.
From the amazing architecture and cute little independent shops, Bath is the perfect place for a city break in the spring as there's always plenty to do. We were there over three days and never got bored, we went shopping, walked along the peaceful canal and sat in the sun right next to the Roman baths that the city is famous for. Bath has also got so many restaurants and cafes (we really ate too much) which are impossible to walk past without having a sneaky look inside. There are so many sights such as the crescent and the circus which are only a small walk away from the center, and also so many museums for a rainy day!
If you get the chance I would highly recommend taking a trip to Bath, it's wonderful for a romantic trip away or a shopping weekend with the girls!