Pre-party skincare tips

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Your office party has finally been announced and your social calendar is quickly filling up with festive bashes. As well as deciding on a dress and working out who your plus one will be, you’ll need to make sure your skin is looking its best too. Party after party can take its toll and leave your skin looking tired. To help, Dermalogica retailer Pure Beauty has shared their favourite tricks and tips to keep your skin looking radiant. 

The night before
While you won’t be able to sort out your pores overnight, you can make a big difference to your skin by reducing possible inflammation. One way to do this is to use a sheet mask, or you can soothe the skin with a cooling facemask. This’ll help manage any spots or redness you have and mean you’ve got less to conceal the next day. 

Drink plenty of water
Possibly one of the easiest tips to follow on our lists, upping your water intake can greatly benefit your skin. Drinking enough water essentially moisturises your skin from the inside out. If you don’t drink enough, your skin may look dull and wrinkles and pores could become more prominent.
Being hydrated won’t just benefit your skin either. Avoiding dehydration increases your energy levels, helps limit the severity of a hangover and generally makes you feel better. 

Don’t have skincare treatments on the day of the party
If you have a peel or a facial treatment on the same day as your event, you might be contributing to a disaster rather than making things better. Most people will end up red-faced after a proper skincare treatment session, which isn’t a great party look! You’ll also clog up your fresh pores when you slap makeup over your newly treated skin. Stick to a week before as a general guide. 
However, you can add an extra dose of moisturiser earlier in the day to help keep your skin hydrated. 

Keep your skincare routine simple
Stick to a basic routine that maximises moisture and cleanliness. Remove excess dirt and oil with a cleansing water, then moisturise. If you need to, exfoliate twice a week. Scrubbing the dead skin cells from the surface can be damaging if done too often, so try to stick to this routine to prevent further issues arising. 

Eat well
Salty, fatty foods contribute towards bad skin. Salt also increases the puffiness of your eyes, so avoid snacking on chips and crisps. Various foods can provoke reactions even if you’re not allergic, such as dairy – so avoid these in the run up to the party. Focus on healthy food and you’ll find yourself with healthy skin.

Go makeup free
Makeup, for all its wonders, is also quite bad for your skin. If you’ve got the confidence for it, going to a party without makeup on can actually make you stand out for all the right reasons, as you’ll be showing off your natural beauty. If you can’t go without, try to tone down the heavier concealers and foundations.

Don’t forget your lips
Finally, make sure you take good care of your lips. Perfect your pout by fending off dry skin with a lip scrub and wearing a lip balm to keep your lips moisturised throughout the winter.
If you take care of your skin, it’ll take care of you. Prepare for your party so that you can strut your stuff and turn heads for all the right reasons. Just do your best to not pass out drunk afterwards and forget to remove your makeup!

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Image result for yosemite national park

Hi everyone, so today I thought I would do a little round up of everything we've booked for our America trip next summer! So we've actually been really organised and managed to book everything on our checklist while also sticking to our budget, it was important for us to do this as this now allows us to save for spending money as we're not 100% sure on the amount we'll need to spend while we're there.
So the first thing on our list were the flights and we booked them on because they are so cheap! Honestly they're half the price of what we were expecting so we definitely got off to a good start. We're travelling with Air New Zealand which is a budget airline but they had great reviews on their website.
Next, our focus was on hotels and we got a lot of advice from my boyfriends' friend who has been to California a couple of times. So our first night will be in an airport hotel as we arrive late, then the next day we can pick up our car easily and the next couple of nights will be at Newport beach. We originally were going to stay right in Hollywood but the area supposedly can be dangerous at night so we decided to change to a quieter part of LA.
We then booked two nights along the coast, our San Francisco hotel, camping at Yosemite, one night in Lone Pine and then a hotel right on the Las Vegas Strip! We're staying at the LINQ which is a 4 star at a really great price. Following on from Vegas we will stay one night at Barstow which is exactly half way to LA, then our last night will be back at an LAX hotel because we fly back early in the day. One thing I would advise is that Yosemite was tricky to book so if you're going do it in plenty of time!
We then booked a few trips including an amazing Grand Canyon tour that involves a helicopter ride! Also we booked Alcatraz tickets, and although they seem a bit pricey for what the trip actually involves but I know it will be worth it.
So after all that we just needed to get visas, a sat nav, transport to Heathrow and we were done!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!


Friday, 30 September 2016



So I've been blonde all my life, but in the last couple of years my natural colour has started get dark and dull to the point where it doesn't even look blonde anymore. I've always wanted to do something to lighten the colour but I think I've got an irrational fear of dying it because I just think it will go horrifically wrong and fall out or something. Also I'm not one for maintenance and I knew topping up my roots would get on my nerves after a while.
So the next best thing would be the lightening product SUN IN. I've known about this product for years because my mum uses it (and her hair looks great) so I finally put it in my amazon basket to try out. So I've been using it for a couple of weeks and I can already see a big difference especially in the front section and I'm really loving it! I heard so much about it drying out your hair but honestly mine doesn't feel any different and I've just been using my regular conditioner. As you might be able to tell in the darker parts of my hair it does look a tiny bit orange, but that's what purple shampoo is for!

Thanks for reading everyone!


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

So this is happening. From the 24th of july to the 14th of august I will be exploring America! A round trip beginning and ending in Los Angeles with so many amazing stops in between and I can't wait! I've always wanted to go to America and me and my boyfriend have been thinking of doing this since last year as we really want to do some travelling together, and America was first on our list. Now of course we're not made of money so we couldn't of possibly travelled across every state, so our main focus is California then going to Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

Our basic route will look like:
Los Angeles --- Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo --- Big Sur --- Monterey and Pebble Beach --- San Francisco --- Yosemite National Park --- Lone Pine --- Death Valley National Park --- Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon --- Red Rock national Park --- Barstow --- Los Angeles.

We've packed in so many things for the three weeks and I'm so excited! I'll be doing more blog posts when we've booked our hotels and any extras like day trips etc.

Thanks so much for reading and leave any recommendations for what we need to see down below!


Monday, 19 September 2016

Hi everyone, so today I thought I'd show you a few books that are great reads which can also be used as décor for your coffee table or anywhere around the house.

Dirty Blonde: The diaries of Courtney Love
So if you're not a Courtney Love/Hole/Nirvana fan this might not be for you, but it's one of my faves because it's full of unseen photos, diary entries and full-on nineties nostalgia. It's got some crazy things from her childhood, her career beginnings and her marriage. It's a really interesting read with some amazing photographs showing what it was like to be in an iconic 90's band.

ROOKIE Yearbook One
I've been obsessed with Tavi Gevinson and Rookie ever since I first discovered blogging. I think she is so inspiring and Rookie is always to entertaining so I had to get my hands on their first ever Yearbook. It's a round up of all the best photoshoots, articles and DIY's from their website and it's a great book to flick through for a laugh and inspiration.

Lauren Conrad Style
What happened to Lauren Conrad?? Anyway, I've had this book for years and some of you may scoff and dismiss it but I actually really liked it! It's basically advice on how to dress etc but it also has really interesting moments like where she talks about the best vintage stores in LA and I just love reading about that sort of thing because it kind of fills my travel wanderlust!

Hope everyone liked this post and leave any other recommendations down below!!


Monday, 12 September 2016

So I thought I'd do a post today talking about some things I've been loving recently because I love reading these posts and hopefully you guys do too!
First things first is this amazing Jo Malone fragrance my boyfriend got me last week because I'm just obsessed with it! It's earl grey and cucumber which sounds like an odd combination but it smells so good, it's a really mature scent that's really fresh while rich at the same time, and it lingers for ages I could still smell it after several hours. I've wanted something from Jo Malone for ages and now I really understand the hype, I'm looking at the candles now...
Next thing would be the book The Memoirs of a Survivor by Doris Lessing which I'm reading for my uni module on Apocalypse fiction and I'm really enjoying it. It's quite odd but that also makes it interesting, so intrigued to see what happens it the end! I'm also loving this eye pillow from Tiger as I was looking for a pillow with a strange, unique print for my bedroom as everything else is relatively plain, and I think it fits with my décor really well. As you can tell I really like the whole 'evil eye' thing as well by this really pretty ring I picked up when I was in Greece a couple of months ago, I love it and its barely left my hand.
Lastly would be this Lip liner from Mac in the Shade 'Stone'. I love all of my liners from MAC but I've been wearing this shade a lot, it's a greyish brown that is so flattering. It can apply a bit streaky but I always put lip balm over the top anyway so that always help blend it together.

Thanks for reading everyone!


Saturday, 3 September 2016

Coat - Topshop
Dress - Freepeople
Bag - Cambridge Satchel
Choker - Boohoo
Shoes - Brantano

So as September arrives everyone is off back to college or University, and as the weather gets cooler it's time to start digging out the jackets, boots and everything in autumnal colours! I always love getting a new winter coat and I love this one from Topshop, it's a beautiful colour and looks so chic and smart. I think it would look amazing with this cute smock dress from Freepeople (honestly i'm obsessed with everything of theirs) because this nude beige would look great against the soft red. All the dresses from Freepeople have a really effortless look which is great for college or Uni as you'll be comfy all day while looking great!
Now for me, I can't carry a really heavy shoulder bag so I always favour a backpack for school, and this Cambridge Satchel is perfect! For accessories this simple organza choker from Boohoo would look great with this look, and I also chose this brown suede boots from Brantano to complete this look. I live in boots through the winter and these look great because the heel looks good for everyday and a dark brown goes with pretty much everything. Brantano has a great selection of ankle boots at the moment so we're spolit for choice!

Thanks for reading everyone!


Monday, 22 August 2016

So I first heard about this tag from the blog Vivatramp and thought it was so hilarious! I had to give it a go as I think it's such an entertaining post and I wanted to give myself a challenge!

MICKEY MOUSE CLUB A book you read as a child that sparked your love of reading

So as you can tell by the state of this book, I have read it countless times throughout my childhood and admittedly as an adult as well. Jacqueline Wilson was the first author I really became obsessed with and read absolutely everything, and Girls Under Pressure was definitely one of my favourites as I found the subject matter (dieting, anorexia etc) really interesting and think it's a book all teenage girls should read.   

OOPS, I READ IT AGAIN! A book that you love to re-read

This book is so good. I was introduced to it when I was doing my a-levels and became addicted to it! I used it for my coursework and loved analysing it cover to cover because of the dark, twisted characters and how it delves into love, obsession and untrustworthy narrators.

JAMIE LYNN A book that looks similar to another book

Now 'classic' versions of novels always kind of look the same because they usually use paintings for their covers, and these two are nearly identical! Come on, it could be the same guy.

CROSSROADS A book you think is underrated

Now, I know I can't really call a Harry Potter book underrated, BUT the prisoner of Azkaban is the least popular of all of them, but it's my favourite! I love the story of Sirius Black and The Marauders and as a kid I dreamed of having Hermionie's time travelling necklace!

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE A book you can't get over

Oh my god. What I would give to read this book for the first time again. It truly is a masterpiece. Any fiction to do with WWII or the holocaust is usually a great read, but this book is something else. It's one of the only books that have made me cry and it's so clever and makes you think right up until the last page.

MADONNA A book with an older character you want to make out with

I'm literally in love with Mr. Rochester. I will never understand the craze for Mr. Darcy (come on the guy's a twat) as I think Mr. Rochester is a far more likeable character that has a more unorthodox personality that's refreshing in Victorian literature. My love was cemented with Michael Fassbender's portrayal of him anyway.

THE ONYX HOTEL A book you quit half way through

This was a book I started just before I went to University and just forgot to finish it. I was really enjoying it though so I'll be picking it up again soon.

KEVIN FEDERLINE A book you regret bringing into your life

Obviously I still don't have it, but it would be Pride and Prejudice. I get that it's an iconic book, but it's so dull and difficult to get through when I was in school, I was so glad when it was over!


Ok so I don't actually have an really explicit books but Sharp objects is one where it's talked about in detail, it's such a great read I highly recommend!

CHEETOS An orange book

This really stands out on my shelf even though I haven't read it! I do love Margaret Atwood so I'm looking forward to it.

2007 A book that was tough to get through

I love this book although I would 100% say it's a tough read, not only for the subject matter but also because of the language it uses. However once you get through it you understand why it's such a classic.

GIMME MORE A book that should have a sequel

I did like this book although I was I little bit let down by the end, however I think a sequel would work really well as the characters are really interesting to read.

STARBUCKS A book that kept you up all night

I think my favourite of all time, it's exciting, scary and just keeps you gripped the whole way through. I was definitely reading it into the night and it still affects the way I think now.

'3' A book with a love triangle

I very famous love triangle, that's annoying, sad and hopeless at the same time. I love Gatsby and Daisy's relationship as it's great to try and work out, and it's one I don't think anyone will fully understand.

COOL A book you thought was cool

I'm a big fan of apocalypse/dystopian novels, and I thought this novel was really unique.

WORK BITCH An inspirational book

Who doesn't find Matilda inspiring? Roald Dahl will always remind me of being a kid and I loved reading Matilda, she's such an inspiring and brave female character.

This has honestly been such an enjoyable post to write! Let me know which was your favourite (does anyone find this tag as funny as me?) and please give my blog a follow!

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Hi guys so I'm officially a correspondent for Tribe! I wrote an article for them a couple of weeks ago for them and they asked me to be a permanent contributor which is so exciting! I cant wait to write some interesting things to do with our culture and society, so watch this space...


Thursday, 4 August 2016

Hi everyone, so I've recently written an article for tribe magazine and I'd love everyone to check it out!



Thursday, 28 July 2016

Choker - Ebay
Top - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - New Look
Bag - Zara
Shoes - Zara

So I've loved the Bardot style for so long, but never felt like it would suit me as I never really have my shoulders on show! However, I saw this one in Urban Outfitters and fell in love with this gorgeous pattern so I had to get it. It's a lovely soft material that fits really loosely on the shoulders, and I love it. I think it's such a pretty colour and it's a top that can be dressed up or down.
I think Bardot tops look so good with a choker so I paired it with this plain black one from eBay, and then went simple with some black jeans and these amazing heels from Zara.

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GRWM with new products - NIGHT OUT EDITION

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Hi everyone, so today I thought I'd do a little round up of my routine for getting ready for a night out and also some first impressions as I used a few products that are new!
So first off is a new eyebrow product from MAC which is a mechanical pencil and I absolutely love it. It makes doing your eyebrows so much easier and the brunette colour is a perfect match for me. Another very exciting purchase is this Morphe Brushes palette because look at these amazing colours! They are all a warm tone with mattes and shimmers and the quality is really good as they're all easy to blend and really pigmented, and every colour can mix with others to get a really pretty eye.
On the lips I used a mixture of NYX Sugar Glass and MAC stone to create a dark, 90's inspired look.

So my outfit was a mini skirt from Missguided and a v neck top from ASOS and these amazing heels from Primark. I love the skirt as it's really figure flattering as the ruched material hides any lumps and bumps, and these shoes are actually so comfy for high heels!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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Friday, 22 July 2016

Hi everyone! So today I have a really exciting post because I'm reviewing some amazing products from Caseapp and also hosting a giveaway! They contacted me to choose a custom IPhone case and a laptop skin and I couldn't wait to get started as they have so many amazing designs that you can also customize to make them personal to you!
So I'm in love with this phone case! The design is so fresh and cute, and they also have the option for it to be in a 'tough' design so your phone has more protection, which I definitely need. It feels like such good quality and I think it will last a long time without getting scratched or dirty, which is always what I look for in an IPhone case.
Now, look at this amazing laptop skin! I absolutely love this design with the baby pink and marble it's just so pretty! Seriously I can't stop looking at it...
So if you're looking to design you own case/custom skin then check out caseapp as they have so many options, and you guys can also use my discount code WILTEDXFADED20 for 20% off your order!

Also, you can enter my giveaway!! Details are below!

Rules of the Giveaway
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-Follow @caseapp on Instagram
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Monday, 18 July 2016

So I finished my first year of university, which is still crazy to say. The year went so fast! I lot of it was enjoyable, and some of it not so much, so I thought I'd do a little update post to let you guys know all about it. Also if you're starting your first year in September there may be a few tips here!

So beginning back at Freshers Week, when my dad left me in my new room its fair to say I was terrified. It was such a weird feeling to be in a new place and I felt so alone even though I was in a building full of people, however the week actually turned out to be amazing. I gradually started to meet new people and went on loads of nights out (yeah I don't know how my body took that much alcohol) so when the week was over I felt really comfortable and was looking forward to starting the year.

The next couple of months were quite challenging. The first modules I had were not what I was expecting as there was a lot of emphasis on group work and creative writing and I felt like there wasn't a balance, so for a while I felt very unenthusiastic. By Christmas I was feeling very down as the course wasn't feeling right and I wasn't enjoying myself, but I really wanted to see out the year and see if it improved.

After the break the course improved and we got better modules that were really interesting and I was learning new things, so I was feeling better! I also wrote something for The Knowledge and got really lovely feedback, and then I also got published in the INK Journal! Over the last six months I began to feel really accomplished, so now I'm really looking to second year!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know your experiences of university!

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Hi everyone! So last week I completed some work experience with the agency One Voice Media based in Exeter (check them out here) and it was such a great week! I feel like I've learnt so much about the PR industry and it's now definitely a career path I would like to pursue. I also wrote a blog on their website if you want to find out more (click here).

I did so many things through out the week including work for the Devon Hotels website and for InExeter like organise their social media schedules and add events to their sites. I also wrote a couple of press releases, one for a charity event and the other announcing that a hotel has received a nomination for an international competition. I also had to research some bloggers for One voice to contact about doing some reviews, and I also really enjoyed making collages to promote some brands based in Exeter.

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