Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Could a Paris-Style Attack Happen in the United States?

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I'm sitting here trying to work but everything just seems so trivial compared to what happened, and what is still happening. It is  impossible to state with any detail how we all feel, because it is an impossible situation. This morning a BBC reporter broke down while reporting from a vigil, yesterday a Muslim Cab driver in New York sat and wept because people refused to get in his taxi, and tonight a Football game will have guards armed with machine guns. The world is a mess.

I'm part of a generation that was too young to actually remember 9/11, but we also can't remember a world before it. We've grown up with the word 'terrorist' just being a part of our vocabulary and we are almost accustom to seeing people die on our television screens. It is not normal to think that this has become normal. The horrific events that are happening through out Europe and the middle east right now and over the last decade are not only terrifying because of the brutality, but of the randomness. A random bus, a random hotel in Tunisia, a random rock concert. These disgusting people are not targeting anyone specific, it is just the senseless slaughter of humanity. Everyone had the realisation that it can happen anywhere at anytime and there is nothing we can do to avoid it.

Even where I live, in the small uneventful south west of England there are now tripled Police patrols due to this threat, and it's unbearable to think that this is the world we live in.

My heart goes out to those who have been affected by an attack, no one should be subjected to this terror and we have to stay hopeful, not matter how difficult it is, that one day we won't have to live with this kind of fear. And my heart also goes to those who are now being judged and compared to these terrorists, they do not represent you or your beliefs. They don't represent anything other than their own selfish fantasies.


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