New make up storage

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Now I have wanted these acrylic storage drawers muji for long and I finally took the plunge.
Make up storage is something I've always struggled with because my room is so tiny so it all had to be stuffed away in a drawer and it would get so messy and I was impossible to organise. So after having a huge clear out of products that I will not miss (blue eye shadow and clear lip gloss anyone?) I decided I needed something more pleasing to the eye.
So I went for these muji drawers and I love them! They fit loads in and its great because you get to separate your make up into categories (lips, eyes, face) and you can see everything! For reasonably priced storage I really recommend muji, it was even delivered the next day!

Thanks for reading, the next post you'll see will be my photos from Italy!


FashionableFood said...

I've always loved the muji storage but have never been able to bring myself to splurge on it! After looking at these pictures it looks like they're definitely worth it!

Alice Young said...

I've wanted acrylic drawers like this for ages, I love the way they look with makeup stored in them - so easy to organise everything as well!

The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

Laura. said...

This is so what I need! I definitely need a clear out of make up I don't use anymore and I need makeup storage boxes so I can be more organised. I think you may have given me that final push :)

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veebz boo said...

Great post! I've just recently bought quite a few bits from Muji too, and I love it!