Friday, 28 August 2015

I think my favourite day was when we visited Capri, we went over on the boat and as you can see it was very cloudy. We went on the chair lift to the tallest part of the island and we literally couldn't see anything through the clouds! It was really spooky which kinda made it more fun!

When we got back on the ground we went for a look around Anacapri and it offered amazing views of the rest of the island and you even walk through the mountain! It had so many cute little shops to look at with so many beautiful hand made things, even saw a guy making shoes how Italian!
We got the bus back down to the main Capri centre and had a wonder around the amazing shops, the harbour and of course got a slice of pizza. It was very hard to say goodbye to the miu miu store as it was time to get back on the boat...

I hope you've enjoyed my Italy posts!


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

So our day trip to Rome began with an early train ride to Naples, and then another train into the city itself. The first thing we saw was the coliseum and it was incredible! Its so amazing to actually see it in really life as its so grand and intricate, you really feel like your looking at history. Everywhere you turned there were ruins, huge cathedrals and elegant statues.
When you see photos of these iconic buildings it really doesn't do them justice. They just don't show how massive and intimidating everything was. The Vatican was so stunning!!
It was so hot on that day but thank god all of the outside restaurants were constantly spraying cool air, honestly I would've died otherwise.
It was an amazing day, we obviously couldn't see everything but if we where there for another day we definitely could have as everything was pretty much within walking distance.

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Monday, 24 August 2015

Hello everyone! So I got back from Italy last week and only now have I managed to narrow down my favourite photos I took while I was out there. I took so many...

So these are a couple of pics from our first couple of days in Sorrento where we were staying. Admiring the beautiful architecture, the amazing views from the cliff tops, the statues, cafes, restaurants, fruit stalls and eating so much Gelato. Its such a beautiful and interesting place and I would really love to return one day!

Stay tuned for my photos from Rome and Capri!