Typical Day in the Life

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

I always love reading these posts, and watching these vlogs, so I thought I'd take you guys through one of my typical days.
So first things first, I can't do anything in the morning without my coffee. Mmmmm coffee. I usually just laze around in the morning, watching something on TV (Netflix) and scrolling through my phone seeing what I've missed in the last 8-10 hours.
Then I shower, brush my teeth and do the usual skincare routine, I will do a post in more depth, but these are my two favourite I like to use in the morning. The Clinique cleansing balm is great for making your skin feel refreshed and 'woken up', and the origins eye cream is absolutely amazing! It really does help with dark circles and makes your eyes look so much brighter. 

So now the coffee kicking in I can actually start being productive, and that means blogging! Writing down ideas, planning posts and taking photos, its what I really enjoy doing! I always want a snack or something now, so I made a smoothie. Made with spinach, frozen pineapple and mango, cucumber, apple and orange juice and it was delish!!
I love doing my make up for the day, and these are the products I pretty much use everyday. My typical look is very simple, as you guys probably realise...

Now this lunch was immense. Mini bagels are now my new best friend. Especially with cream cheese and cucumber. I'm new to the whole 'mashed avocado' craze, but I made the mixture with lemon juice and salt and pepper and it tasted really good!
This is my outfit for the day as I head off for work, it was only an afternoon shift today, and everything I'm wearing is from Fat Face.

Ergh yeah I have to take public transport, its not great, but there are some really great views from the top deck. Me and my boyfriend went out for dinner and I think I had the biggest pasta portion ever, but it was really good!
And the was the last photo I took because I was so tired, I even slept with my make up on. Not good.

Really hope you enjoyed a bit of a different post, thanks for reading!


Wednesday, 22 July 2015


 Photo taken on route to Mallorca
Clothing from Esprit

This year marked a big thing for me, it was the first time I got on a plane. Very scary but very exciting. Several trips later (Amsterdam, Gran Canaria, Mallorca and next month, Italy) and I think I'm hooked.
Nothing compares to the feeling of knowing you're travelling to somewhere you've never been before, and whether you're on your own or with friends or family it's just as exciting each time! 
The first time flying will always be nerve wrecking, but as long as your prepared and have plenty of time to do everything it all goes fine! I do just have one little tip - wear something practical! You might think it looks glamorous to wear heels, a maxi dress and loads of jewellery but once you get to the security checks and then sitting on a crowded plane, you'll just want something easy and comfortable. 
First things first, a loose fitting dress is perfect for travelling because you still look like you've made an effort but really you haven't. Honestly, it's like wearing pyjamas. Bring a cardigan or jumper as well though because the air con is usually on full blast! A huge bag is also a must because of all of your in flight essentials (eg all the food and make up you've bought in duty free). Also your shoes are important because you need a pair that you can whip on and off at security but also go with your outfit! I really love these boots from Esprit they're perfect for a holiday! 

Really hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, and where are you going this summer??

Books - The Picture of Dorian Gray

Saturday, 18 July 2015

First of all. I hope you all like my new blog layout! I just felt like I needed a bit of a change for my blog to give it a more professional look, and this template is from the amazing kotryna bass so check out her designs! I created the header myself, I just wanted something more simple than my last one.

And secondly, after I had a little unintentional break from reading, I've begun to get back into it after relaxing on holiday, and a couple of months ago I completed The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. After reading his plays for my a-levels I was dying to read his one and only novel, and I really loved it.
Playing between vanity, love, shallowness and youth, Wilde shows the meaningless aestheticism of late 19th Century England in all its glory through his protagonist, the young and beautiful Dorian Gray. Believing everything in life should be beautiful, and art should be for arts sake and not for anything deeper, Gray begins obsess over the fear of losing his looks and his youth, sparked by seeing a painting of himself. However to his delight, as the years take it's toll, the portrait ages instead.
Its such a strange and fascinating book that relates the corruption of the mind to the deterioration of everything that youth brings, and its so interesting to see how it all ends for Dorian Gray, and how closely it relates to Oscar Wildes later years.

Honestly it was such a great read, would really recommend!