Why take a gap year?

Saturday, 23 May 2015

So pretty much exactly this time last year, I was panicking. In the midst of my final exams I was still debating whether deciding to take a gap year was the right decision. I knew that the thought of going to university at that time was a scary one, as I really wasn't ready to go into something that requires so much commitment, but at the same time, a gap year was just as intimidating. What was I going to do? Will I still want to go uni after? So many questions were floating round my head, and when you're meant to be revising, its not great to have these questions playing on your mind.
But I had already made my decision, and my last exam was approaching, and I still had no plan for my year off from education. However I knew there was one thing I wanted - experience. In every sense of the word.

So the first thing I did was start this blog. I came up with a name, a design and a concept. I also bought a camera and prepared to have a really good summer to just have some time off from everything.
By the time September came around I had got a job, which meant I had money, which also meant I could start planning a couple of trips! I knew I probably wouldn't be able to go travelling, but several week long trips would do me good! I went to Amsterdam in February which was just amazing and exactly what I needed as it was so different to anywhere I had been before. I've also managed to save up enough for a trip to the canary islands with my boyfriend, Spain with the girls and Italy with my family. I really can't wait!
So several months, jobs and blog posts later I think I can finally say that taking a gap year was the best choice I could've made. I've experienced so much in different aspects of life and am beginning to figure out what I actually want to do in the future.

Next stop Uni!