Top 5 random places on the Internet for procrastinating

Monday, 9 March 2015

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Do you ever find yourself just wandering around on the internet, and then suddenly coming across a site that you've never been on before...and then before you know it your phone battery has died because you've been on it for hours.
Yeah me too.
I thought I'd do a post on a couple of websites that I usually find myself spending time on when I've got nothing better to do, well to be honest I probably do have better things to do I'm just putting them off. So here are a few random internet sites for procrastinating...

Of course this goes without saying, tumblr is addictive. C'mon even BeyoncĂ©, probably the busiest woman on the planet is on there all the time.

I've lost count of the amount of times I've mentioned Rookie on this blog and I'm pretty sure everyone's heard about it now, but just in case I thought I'd include it on this list because everyone needs to check it out! With new articles, photo diary's and journal entries everyday Rookie is an amazing website for inspiration, advice and just entertainment!

For music fans, particularly of rock bands from over 20 years ago, this will be an amazing site for you. If you want to see rare photos or random trivia of people from Kurt Cobain to Bob Marley this is the place to go. Honestly. Its amazing.

Now this is hilarious. All day, everyday, there are people waiting patiently at the crossing for no traffic, then their friend runs into the middle of the road and snaps a picture of them walking on the crossing.

This is by far my favourite twitter profile, as every photo is a rare look at moments in history and I could keep scrolling for hours!

I hope you enjoyed this random post, and enjoy procrastinating!


Diana Cloudlet said...

Oh, I’m so in love with your blog! So beautiful photos and interesting posts!
Will be happy to see you in my blog!

Diana Cloudlet

Maireem Maneje said...

haha love the idea of this post! May come in handy one day ;)

Erin and Katherine said...

This was such a unique post! I always go to Bloglovin' to procrastinate :)

Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

Constance Murphy said...

Tumblr is by far my favourite one, I could spend hours there without noticing it and I didn't know that Twitter account but not only it's great it's also very interesting and informative, definitely a new addictive page!
Great post Alice!

Thuy Pham said...

Tumblr is my page to procrastinate too!:D

Alice Young said...

I've got Rookie open in a new tab, looking forward to checking that out!

The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

AVY said...

I don't understand Tumblr. What's the deal?