The goddess that is Petra Collins

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

She is just a genius. A few years ago I discovered ROOKIE , an online publication created by Tavi that is easily the best thing on the internet.

And one of the best things on Rookie is the photography by Petra Collins. Capturing moments of teenage angst, rebellion and reflection. She recently caused controversy with a recent exhibit that showed attributes of a girls adolescence that society usually tries to ignore. Also being banned from instagram for a picture showing female pubic hair (heaven forbid) and releasing this T-shirt showing mensuration has, in my eyes, made her a feminist icon.
Dealing with the censorship of women's bodies in an non sexualised way in the media has caused a lot of talk in recent months resulting in the 'free the nipple campaign'  and even breast feeding protests.
And Petra Collins is leading the way for women's bodies to be accepted by society and the media as normal, and not always in an sexual and 'man pleasing' light.

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josephine t said...

Love these pictures!

Nicole Raybaud said...

If I'm honest, I've never taken the time to browse Rookie! Seeing these pictures I'm do just that right now! Thanks for sharing xx

Sierra Rose said...

Pay with Polka Dots

AVY said...

Teenage angst, I remember that. Still makes me smile sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I've not heard of her but love what you've written about her - she sounds awesome. Menstruation t shirt especially sounds incredible! I'm going to look her up - love some of the portraits you've featured as well. xxx