Goodbye August, Hello September!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Ok first of all, I cannot believe its September already. Summer cannot be over yet. Second of all, the English weather seems to know that summer has ended therefore meaning that the quality of the photo above is not fantastic, due to the miserable grey day outside. However, todays post is dedicated to a few things I've enjoyed in the month of August.
I bought a few things on my recent trip to London, and this dress from Forever 21 was something that I just couldn't walk away from. A very versatile dress that can be worn with any shoe, bag, cardi you name it, and I love the neckline! It's such a flattering dress as the long sleeves reach a nice point on the arm and the elastic on the waist stop it looking shapeless. It's an all round great dress that I will be wearing constantly in the colder months.
I'm also currently wearing the Essie Polish in Eternal Optimist. It is such a beautiful shade as the pink is not overly girly, and is the perfect balance between pastel and dusty. I was looking for a shade like this for so long to just wear daily as a neutral that goes with everything, and I think I've found my go-to polish!
I read a few books in early august but recently have been slacking off, however I still adore The Fault In Our Stars. As you can tell from my review I was really unsure about the book however ended up really enjoying it, just like the rest of the population.
Music wise, although I've been listening to some of The Black Keys and Royal Blood, I still can't really get into any brand new releases. Therefore I delve into my older stuff, and this month I have been listening to John Lennon back to back. I've always preferred the music to the man, and I just can't seem to get enough of 'Instant Karma', 'Woman' and 'Watching The Wheels'.
What have you been loving this month, and is anyone else obsessing over the new series of Project Runway?


Adria said...

Great post, love that nail polish!

Nuala Felicity said...

Love Forever 21, love TFIOS, awesome blog ♥ would mean a lot if you could have a look at my blog, I've only just started

Alessandra said...

I totally agree with you, summer cannot be over, haha! I've wanted to read The Fault In Our Starts for so long. I should start reading it..
Lovely blog x

Christina Chan said...

Beautiful patterns on the backdrop! xx