Writing- Don't Worry To Much

Monday, 4 August 2014

I began writing this on my iphone, as the modern day bids this to be attached to my hand even without my consent, and because as usual I had forgotten a note book and pen.
Whilst sitting in an over-priced coffee shop with the rain continuing to fall and making everyone outside, no matter what age, run for cover using whatever they were carrying as an umbrella, and with the distant sound of an Oasis song playing in the background, my eyes were prised up from my book to the people around me.
It was the usual scene. A family on the only large table, two women chatting on the giant leather sofa and an elderly couple sharing a tea for one.
I also see a young girl, with a child. Immediate thoughts run through my head, things that older relatives would say or the statistics for teenage pregnancies you see on the news. I start to think what her life is like, or what she had to give up to become a mother.
But then a man sat down next to her, carrying a tray with both their drinks. He put his arm around her, and the both looked down at the child.

I realised you really have no idea what someone else's life is about, and how they got to where they are today.

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