The Results

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Thursday 14th August 2014. What a roller coaster of a day.
It began with me feeling tired and incredibly nervous. And then ended pretty much the same way. On results day there is always such a weird atmosphere of anticipation and dread, with people crying from happiness or disappointment.
I don't think anyone really looks forward to it.
You are handed an envelope that will decide the next few years of your life, so it's fair to say that the envelope is pretty hard to open. And then you eventually rip it open, and there are the few letters that mean so much.
I was gutted by my results. Considering a-levels feel like you're repeatedly getting kicked in the face, it's not a great feeling when you start to wonder if it was worth it. Two years of hard work and getting pretty good grades to then be met with the realisation that the exams didn't show it, is horrible.
However, there was a silver lining, as I still managed to get into my choice of University, which was a shock! I'll be off to Plymouth in September of 2015!
I guess the reason for me writing this post is to just say...results day sucks. It really is a roller coaster full of extreme highs and lows where you want to cry but then suddenly feel your life take off in a certain direction.
Anyone else suffered...I mean experienced a results day recently? How did it go??


Jemma Lynch said...

Congrats getting into Plymoth! I know lot's of people who managed to get into there first choice without the grades- I think we may be a stupid year haha :')

Lucy-J said...

Well done getting into university! I remember being majorly disappointed by my A level results too, but really as long as you're happy with your university then you don't need to worry about them again :) xo

Cara E said...

congrats hun! you'll have a fab time in Plymouth x

Anonymous said...

My results day was a loooong time ago but it was incredibly stressful. Not only did I have to worry about the exams, but I also had a friend over from America staying with me at the same time, so the whole thing was even more cringy. Luckily I got the points I wanted but not the grades (AAC instead of ABB... Or something) so I had to phone clearing, which was also pretty intense... Arrrgh! I'm so so glad that's all behind me. / Read my latest post here!

megcasson said...

Congratulations on getting into your choice of University!

In Australia we don't really have to go through such a gut wrenching day.

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