Photo Diary- A Folk Festival

Monday, 11 August 2014

Last Thursday me and my friends took a trip to Sidmouth to see the annual Folk Festival.
Complete with dancers, flags and temporary tattoos.
Everything people were selling was so beautiful, but I managed to restrain myself and only buy a small bag for a fiver!
We couldn't resist getting Henna tattoos though (I feel an obsession developing) just because they look so lovely, and I'm a tattoo freak of any kind.
It was a great day of just wondering around in the sun.


stephdejay said...

Great pictures and nice henna, very cute for summer!

Yazzys Corner said...

This festival looks great. I think I'll be going to it next year. I love henna tattoos too, just don't like them when they fade away and turn into a horrible yellow colour.

Yazmin xx

Bee. said...

Loved these photos - I haven't been to Sidmouth in a while!

Thanks for the comment. You should totally visit Scotland. It's beautiful.

Saoirse Sterling said...

I was looking to visit my local Folk Festival but Ex-Bertha put a stop to that, though I doubt it would be as good as this one you visited. I also love Henna; I wish it was more accessible instead of just random women at beautiful festivals. Or perhaps I should invest in some myself.
Beautiful photos. I'm glad I found your blog <3

josephine t said...

Beautiful pictures!



Jessica said...

Amazing place! Great finds! =D
Please, check out my blog!


Lauren said...

Looks like you had a lovely day :) That woman's floral hair in the first picture is amazing! haha

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Margaret Dallospedale said...

Love these pictures, so amazing place
Maggie D.
The Indian Savage diary