My So Called Life- What I learned From Angela Chase and Rayanne Graff

Thursday, 28 August 2014

So I recently found out that this month was the 20th Anniversary of my favourite TV show of all time, My So Called Life. The teen drama debuted in 1994 and was only around for one season (I've just about accepted that fact) but 20 years later it is still relevant today.
Now I know everyone seems to preoccupied with Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black (which both I love as well) but I need to bring your attention to this amazing 90's gem. Starring Claire Danes and Jared Leto, which should be reason enough to watch, it simply centres on Angela Chase, a girl who I can more than identify with.
Whilst facing pressures of feeling like she has to act a certain way for friends and her parents, Angela begins hanging out with Rayanne Graff, the ultimate rebel and the androgynous Ricky Vasquez. Everything about this show I love and is still relevant today, from Angela's teen angst to Rayanne's fashion choices. The show captures what being a teenager can be like, wanting to rebel from something or wanting someone to come along and change your life.
Here are a few reasons as to why this show is literally the best thing ever. I wish I was exaggerating.

 The Wardrobe Choices.    Yes this probably seems like a stupid reason but all of you "pastel" grunge tumblr girls need to see what real grunge looked like, back in 1994. Plaid shirts, granddad jumpers, babydoll dresses and chunky boots all my an appearance, usually in the same outfit. The thrown together look represented the "I don't care" generation but today I could have just described a catwalk show or the Topshop website. If you want to see where it started, watch the show.

It deals with issues.    From Rayanne's alcohol addiction and drug overdose, to Ricky having to come to terms with his sexuality and Angela's relationship with her parents, every teenager will be able to relate to something that is going on.

The Music?      Was this the beginnings of 30 seconds to mars? Either way, I fell in love with Jared Leto performing in his fictional band Frozen Embryos. Playing Jordan Catelano, performing with a band that seems to have no future, captures the early nineties rock scene.

Hope you enjoyed this post and please go and watch! If you have, please tell me your favourite episode!


Corinne said...

I used to love watching this show when I was younger. It was awesome :)

Corinne x

Carla Sanz said...

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Lan said...

Such a nice movie! Your blog is very nice and interesting. I`m glad if you visit my blog, too <3


Syndi Fremond said...

I love your blog !!!! You're sooo right about grunge style.