Goodbye july, Hello August!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hello, it's me again! I want to start doing these monthly goal posts as I always find myself setting up aims for the month, so I thought I would start to share them with you all on the first day of each.

Find a Job  Since I'm taking a gap year in September, one of my priorities is save up a bit of money so I can either go away on a trip or for University accommodation. I do have a job at the moment but I just need something with more hours, and that hopefully will give me some more experience to put on the CV before I go to Uni!

Make progress on Novel   Yes I am writing a book, that I would love to complete over the next year. I'm currently starting Chapter 3 but August will be a month where I really need to create detailed plan of what will happen, as at the moment there are still holes in the plot line! It takes me so long to do anything creative (I took me about two weeks to decide on the protagonist's name) but I feel really confident with this project. I will keep you guys up to date, and will do a blog post on my idea's! It doesn't even have a title yet.

Start writing more on blog  A goal that will continue. The whole reason for the creation of this blog was so I would have a place to write what I wanted, from creative, reviews, diary entry's to factual articles. It's what I love to do, so from august I hope to put in more effort to create these sort of blog posts.

Read more books Again, this is another goal that needs to continue, I need to cram in as many books as possible as when I go to uni it probably wont be as enjoyable!

Create a plan for Gap year?  Note the question mark. I really don't know if ill have a plan, as it all depends on what I want to do/if I have enough money etc. Need to work out how I'll be spending next year!

Thanks for reading, do you guys find yourself making monthly goals?!?


elena vincent said...

Love all these goals! I study writing & english literature at uni, so I always aim to read more and do something creative :)

what will you be studying at uni?

little moon lover said...

those sound like pretty acceptable goals and I know you can reach them... I always set a goal to read AT LEAST a book a month... I mean ONE book for month is nothing, but still sometimes I can't make it... I need to make time for my reading... and novel, geez...I think I've started 5 of them and never finished... one day I will...I hope... I must...
good luck on your goals... keep focused and you'll get there, and you know what...if you don't make them...who cares?... you'll get them next month, don't stress about it either...
have fun this august.. xoxo

RetroStreetStation said...

wow love this post!

x Maria
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AVY said...

I should get a job to, maybe it would help me pass the time.


megcasson said...

Great post.

Georgie ジョージ said...

I don't make monthly goals but I think this is an amazing idea. By the way, if you do decide to save rather than travel on your gap year it is totally worth it - I funded my entire year at uni myself without having to ask my parents for help! xx

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