Beauty- Essie nail polish in 'chinchilly'

Friday, 4 July 2014

Ahh my love for Essie will not end anytime soon. Chinchilly is a shade I've heard so much about, and I love nude polishes so I knew it would have to be mine soon.
It's such a lovely colour that really suits my skin tone, and Essie polishes always apply so well. It's not gloopy like a lot of polishes and it can also look perfect with just one coat. It dries relatively quickly aswell, and it's been on my nails for about a week and now is it only starting to chip, pretty good really!
Essie is on the more expensive side of high street polishes, however I think its worth it for their colour range and the way they apply.


Angela Giakas said...

This colour is gorgeous! I'm loving nudes at the moment!

The Sunday Chapter
Angela xo

Anonymous said...

Lovely colour! I'm always drawn to darker neutrals like this, they look so smart. And Essie has great formulas!

Jenny said...

I actually love this shade very petty :) xx

Maisy Meow said...

I love shades like this, so pretty and versatile xxx

Jessica Hart said...

Such a lovely colour!

Layla Sprinkles said...

This colour is absolutely gorgeous!!! Lovely but not too dark - it's just right if you want something in between! :)

Layla xx