Photography- canon 600D

Friday, 13 June 2014

I have now been awakened to how amazing canon cameras are.  There was one thing that I wanted to spend my birthday money on this year because my love of photography combined with the creation of this blog called for a better tool than my iPhone, although still good for the compulsory selfie.
This camera is seriously a must for someone like me who is just getting into photography,  even though of course it still confuses me but I'll get there!
I've given a few examples of the quality of pictures it takes but all future pictures on my blog will probably be taken with it, so it'll probably come across better when I've had more practice.
I'd really recommend this camera if like me you're just starting out and want something a bit cheaper (bought mine on Amazon btw) ,  or if you just want photos that wernt from your iPhone or an ancient digital camera,  also like me.
Anyone else love the 600d?



Alice Young said...

Wish I had enough money to afford a good camera!

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Jess said...

Amazing pictures and camera too! =)
Please, check out my blog!


Elena Elle said...

i just love my canon 600d. its probably the best thing i've ever bought and i couldn't imagine blogging without it. its my baby.