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Friday, 27 June 2014


In late May I went to the O2 Academy in Bristol to watch the Queen of post-1980's rock, Courtney love. After watching the amazing support act White Miles (honestly check them out they were great) whilst getting drenched in beer from the people behind us, the bleached blonde goddess took to the stage.
When I first listened to Courtney's music, I believe the fist song I heard was Miss World from the Hole album Live through this, to be honest I didn't expect much. As a young teenager who was a huge Nirvana fan, Courtney seemed to have the whole world against her, many of whom had never actually listened to her music or saw her talent. However when listening to Hole whether the angry beginning of Pretty on the inside to her music of Hollywood from Celebrity skin, Courtney's music is incredible and heavily underrated when compared to the biggest rock bands of the time.
She was amazing to see live as her legendary scream pierced through the venue, and made nearly being crushed to death a great experience. A highlight for me would be the songs Plump and Malibu for which I was thrilled were on the set list and where great to hear live. A great night ended with the handing out of red roses, a final goodbye and the gasp of fresh air from escaping the packed front row.

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Fernanda said...

I was obsessed with Nirvana when I was 13 and I never had negative feeling towards her! It's so cool you got to see her live, but I don't think I know enough of her song's to enjoy a whole concert! haha xx