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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Since I love books and love talking about them but no one else does, I thought I'd do it here! I'm starting a 'favourites' series where I'll do a little review on books that I absolutely adore and believe everyone should read, so here goes, and please leave comments below about about books you love!

I was very tempted to talk about The Book Thief today as it's incredible, however considering I have 150 pages to go I thought that would be a bit stupid considering I don't know the ending (nope not seeing the film)  so instead I'm talking about Jane Eyre and why all women should read it, and why it shows men what not to do.
A little bit embarrassed to say that I only read this last year, however it is now a firm favourite.  We meet Jane as a young girl introduced by Bronte's first person narrative and you're instantly interested in her, as her first action is punching a boy in the face.  She later goes to work for the dark and elusive Rochester at Thornfield Hall and falls in love with him,  believing that he is the only person who she feels she can connect with.  Very tempting to reveal a spoiler at this point (which most people probably know anyway) however I won't,  even though it's part of the reason why the book is so good.
Many people today name Jane Eyre as one of the first feminists of literature and you can see why, as she firmly believes that the positions of marriage should be of equal value, something that would of been controversial at its time of publishing. Although the word feminist hadn't even been thought of at this time, Jane is such an important character for this movement,  as she is a figurehead for equality in a world that she feels she cannot belong in.
I beg of you to read Jane eyre,  or even if your not a reader watch the film (Michael fassbender as Rochester should persuade you)  as it such an amazing story with it an important message.

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