Books- 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Still recovering from the ending of this book.
I think I saw a picture of this book on tumblr, then looked up the synopsis on Wikipedia,  then bought it straight away from Amazon. Set in wwii Germany, the narrator who we discover is death meets a Jewish orphan who has been adopted into a foster family, and we follow her journey when the bombs begin to drop.  We're taken to how life was for the people of Germany during this time, from the point if view of death who is described as being very 'busy' and from a little girl trying to make sense of her surroundings.
This book is just amazing, it will make you smile and cry and restore your faith in humanity because of a girl who can't help but see the good.  The book has been described as being 'masterfully told'  and I'm in total agreement as the narration is so interesting and unique.
You all seriously need to read this book, you won't be wasting your time!


sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

Wow... looks like an interesting one. I am currently on The Revenge Wears Prada, but this one seems awesome, thank you for sharing!

Antonella_7694 said...

This looks so lovely and interesting :)
I'm following you now hoe you'll do the same:)

Anna Clarke said...

This book is just TOO sad, yet so good. Wish I could forget it, just so I could re-read it again!
Almsee x

AnnCates said...

This book is amazing. I read it in 8th grade literature and am still obsessed with it now. I want to see the movie that has came out for it, but I am too nervous that it won't be nearly as beautiful as the book.
Happy Reading, AnnCates xx