Beauty- lush mask in 'catastrophe cosmetic'

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Ever have those days were you just really want to have a face mask? Well, I do.
I popped into lush to see what they had to offer and went with 'catastrophe cosmetic' purely because it smelled lovely, fresh and natural, as I hate face masks that smell really artificial. The main scent being that of earthly moss that they describe as being a natural cleanser, and that is soon followed by blueberries, yeah I had no idea blueberries had a smell either.
It applies really smoothly feels cool and refreshing on the skin, something which is always a plus for these sort of things. After leaving it on for about 15 minutes it dries and doesn't actually itch your face as much as I've experienced with other masks so it's tempting to leave it on for even longer. When washed of my face looked brighter and more awake, although not feeling hugely different.
To sum up, this mask did not work miracles in making my skin really soft or spot free, however if you're looking for something to sooth your skin this works really well. I felt like it really reduced redness and it was just a lovely mask to use and it didn't irritate whist waiting for it to dry, which is a huge bonus!

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Tori said...

I have been in need of a face mask. Sounds like lush is a good spot to look :). Thanks for the great review.