Photography- Just Sometimes

Monday, 30 June 2014

Just sometimes, the sky looks incredible. We had an amazing sunset the other day and the sky looked like it was on fire, so a grabbed my camera and got a couple of shots. I love the reflection in the windows of the second picture, and just the shapes the clouds freely create.

Fashion- NEW IN

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Just a little post showing you a few things I've bought this month, I could have bought so much more
but have to budget! I couldn't resist this Pulp Fiction tee from Primark in the mens section as it's one of my absolute favourites, as it is to a lot of people, and it makes the perfect casual/lazy day tee to just throw on.
The bag is also from Primark and I was on the look out for a small, plain, black bag that could fit my Canon camera in nicely, and this one is perfect. It also reminded me of the Mulberry Del Ray bag which I will be forever lusting after, however this was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper at only £8! Yep, I could not pass it up.
I also bought some new sunglasses, these are from ASOS, the website I spend half my life on. I had a very similar pair from Topshop and I adored them, but of course I left them on a train somewhere which led to the rest of the day searching the internet for a similar pair!

Music- Courtney Love

Friday, 27 June 2014


In late May I went to the O2 Academy in Bristol to watch the Queen of post-1980's rock, Courtney love. After watching the amazing support act White Miles (honestly check them out they were great) whilst getting drenched in beer from the people behind us, the bleached blonde goddess took to the stage.
When I first listened to Courtney's music, I believe the fist song I heard was Miss World from the Hole album Live through this, to be honest I didn't expect much. As a young teenager who was a huge Nirvana fan, Courtney seemed to have the whole world against her, many of whom had never actually listened to her music or saw her talent. However when listening to Hole whether the angry beginning of Pretty on the inside to her music of Hollywood from Celebrity skin, Courtney's music is incredible and heavily underrated when compared to the biggest rock bands of the time.
She was amazing to see live as her legendary scream pierced through the venue, and made nearly being crushed to death a great experience. A highlight for me would be the songs Plump and Malibu for which I was thrilled were on the set list and where great to hear live. A great night ended with the handing out of red roses, a final goodbye and the gasp of fresh air from escaping the packed front row.

Writing- Short Story 'Like an Animal'

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Part of a short story done during my A-Levels, focusing on the use of an extended metaphor.

I didn’t mean to do it. I really didn’t. I was desperate. I would never have done it if I’d had any other choice. I can still hear the scream, still feel his grasp around my wrist and still see the look in his begging eyes. But I needed it. Surely he would understand how much my life depended on it. Surely... he would forgive me.


“Right, might as well get you settled in. You’re going to be in here for a while” he said, looking me up and down.

He led me down a blue corridor, just past the office in which a radio was blaring out the news about Dr. King and then some Beatles record.

“He was shot?” I whimpered.  I hadn’t been near a radio for days. He didn’t answer though, just kept walking down the corridor banging on the bars of each cell with his fist.

I was nothing to him. Just a stray dog he’d see on the side walk, a dog he’d kick if it got in his way.

They all were. But they had been locked up in this dog house ever since, howling and wailing to be let out. Scratching and clawing at the bars to be let out, soon getting tired and retreating to a corner of their cage.

“New meat boys!” he shouted, glaring back at me. “He’s a bit mangy, but we’ll soon straighten him out. Be nice when you’re all allowed out to play!” He laughed harshly, so did the other officers back in the office. His echoing footsteps stopped at the 13th cell. He opened the heavy barred doors with a loud careless crash and nudged me in with his foot.

“Now, you’re going to be good while you’re in here. Aren’t you?” His pale sweaty face looked down on me, as I sat gingerly on the thin stiff bed. I was about to mumble a timid yes, but he hadn’t waited for my answer. He’d left, smashing the doors back together behind him and had walked off banging on the bars again.

Tears filling my eyes with the realisation of what a hell this place is, I watched the opposite cell. He was scratching the grey whiskers on his chin, and then curled up into a ball on a bed exactly the same as mine.

I awoke with a sudden “beep” and a loud bang of all the cells opening.

Feeding time.

“What you in for, scrawny?” said growled a deep voice opposite me as I sat down at of the round tables. He was huge. His dark, shiny face gazed at me over his bowl of something that resembled eggs.

I tried to avoid his gaze but they were all looking at me. I don’t know what to tell them. I can barely admit to myself what I did, let alone recite what happened for others to hear.

“Don’t wanna say? Well, we sure as hell will find out sooner or later, so you might as well tell us right here, right now. What? You kill somebody?”

It was at the dead of night, in a back street of Manhattan.

Words by Alice Beatty please do not copy or steal with out my consent.

Beauty- Everyday make up

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I always love these posts as I get to see what people like to use on a daily basis, meaning the products must be pretty good! I'm pretty non-adventurous when it comes to make up as I love finding products that actually work, and then stick to them. However, I am yet to find the perfect mascara so suggestions below please!
I start off by using the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation and I love it as it's light coverage and literally melts into the skin, whilst reducing redness and giving a glow. I then conceal using Collection Lasting Perfection which I think everyone agrees is fantastic for the price! I always powder as well but always try to 'press' it on my face with a dense brush so I don't look too powdery.
The MUA Undressed palette takes centre stage on my eyes and brows, and I like to go for subtle smokiness to just create a bit of definition (because as you can tell my eyes are tiny). My mascara of choice at the moment is Revlon Grow Luscious and its...alright... but as I said I'm still looking for the perfect mascara. Well, if it even exists!
On my lips I usually go for a nude, however sometimes I do love to bring out the dark red shade by Kate Moss Rimmel :

But, today I went for one of my favourites MAC Kinda Sexy which is a great 'your lips but better' shade.

Coffee break

Monday, 23 June 2014

Sometimes we just need to have a break, and for me that means either a book or magazine with coffee. I got this cafetiere for my birthday and it's honestly like tasting coffee for the first time, as I'm used to having iced macchiato's from Starbucks or instant coffee at home. I also treated myself to the US edition of ELLE, £4.50 for a mag is ridiculous, however Ange on the cover was worth it. I'm a little bit obsessed with her at the moment after watching Maleficent which she was amazing in, it's made me want to watch all her crazy 90's films again!

Books- 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Still recovering from the ending of this book.
I think I saw a picture of this book on tumblr, then looked up the synopsis on Wikipedia,  then bought it straight away from Amazon. Set in wwii Germany, the narrator who we discover is death meets a Jewish orphan who has been adopted into a foster family, and we follow her journey when the bombs begin to drop.  We're taken to how life was for the people of Germany during this time, from the point if view of death who is described as being very 'busy' and from a little girl trying to make sense of her surroundings.
This book is just amazing, it will make you smile and cry and restore your faith in humanity because of a girl who can't help but see the good.  The book has been described as being 'masterfully told'  and I'm in total agreement as the narration is so interesting and unique.
You all seriously need to read this book, you won't be wasting your time!

Fashion- OOTD The Maxi Skirt

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Yes the weather last weekend was boiling, so it's time to bring out the maxi skirt. This patterned one is from Urban Outfitters and was rather pricey, but I knew deep down that I would get loads of wear out of it, so I was able to justify it. I'm also wearing a top from Urban Outfitters and a cardigan from Topshop to keep everything else simple as the skirt is so eye catching (I'm not one to mix prints!)

Music- Newton Faulkner

Friday, 20 June 2014

On Friday the 7th of march 2014 there was a chance to escape from A-levels for an evening and enjoy music from Newton Faulkner. I have been hooked on his clam yet energetic music since he began gathering popularity a few years ago, and since buying his album Rebuilt by humans and listening to Lipstick Jungle on a loop.
He was amazing live, from the vocals to the guitar, from the support act to the cup of tea behind him. A particular highlight would be Dream catch me, as everyone knew every lyric and it had that real feeling of gig euphoria you feel when you can just forget everything else! The finale came as Write it on your skin and everyone went crazy (insane what humans will do with a good song and confetti) so it was a great way to end a great night.

Writing- A-Level essay 'Relationships in Jane Eyre'

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Compare the presentation of the relationships between Eyre and Rochester and Eyre and Rivers. Consider the view that Bronte uses them to explore the conflicting demands of passion and principle. How does she reconcile them?


The circumstances in which Jane and Rochester meet for the time, is highly significant to our understanding of their relationship, how it develops, and what draws them to each other in the first place. While she is out alone without a chaperone, of course used to reaffirm her unconventionality to the reader, Rochester’s horse falls and he is badly hurt. Jane is immediately in a physically stronger position, through “He laid a heavy hand on my shoulder” as he uses her for support, although reluctantly as he says “necessity compels me to make you useful” which shows he does not wish to use her as a prop, but he has no choice. Already it is obvious how unusual both these characters act, used by Bronte to show how similar they are in their unconformity towards Victorian virtues, such as Jane hearing him “swearing” under his breath or her refusing to give in to his instruction “I cannot think of leaving you”, which is a vital aspect of why Jane believes them to be equal and wants to be with him.

As Jane’s life at Thornfield continues with the company of Rochester, their feelings begin to grow. He is intrigued by her, obvious when she does not want a present in the way Adele does, showing she does not have a desire for materialistic things, a trait perhaps Rochester was not expecting as he has had the opposite experience with many women. When he summons her one evening, Jane says he was in his “after dinner mood” a phrase which suggests that by only living with him for a short amount of time she already knows him and his habits, and by describing them with the oxymoron “preciously grim”, it shows she is just as intrigued by him. “Grim” is an adjective repeated throughout this section of the novel to describe Rochester to show he is not typically handsome, an aspect of him in which Jane realises she identifies herself with, as she describes herself as having no typical beauty, through “small”, “pale” and “marked”. When she enters the room he asks her a bold question “Do you think me handsome?” to which she applies with an unavoidable “no”. This interaction is again used by Bronte to highlight how equally both characters are very unconventional and it draws them together, as it is a very strange question for an employer to ask a young girl who works for him, and Jane does not answer with something “conventionally vague”.

It is also this conversation which foreshadows why Rochester falls for Jane and eventually proposes, as it is hinted why he has grown to have this personality. He uses the metaphor of an “Indian-rubber ball” to show what he has become, tough without feelings. But now suddenly he feels there is hope of his “re-transformation from India-rubber ball back to flesh” and that hope is Jane. He believes Jane is the answer for him being able to love again, as he realises he has these feelings for her, and for his past mistakes to be forgotten. He was to move away from his past, irresponsible self, and Jane is the one who can help him do it.

Jane struggles throughout the novel to find her identity and a place in which she feels she belongs, and she believes she has found it at Thornfield, and by marrying Rochester. However, the lead up to the wedding proves otherwise, as she begins to have doubts, a huge factor that contributes to the couple falling apart. “I saw a robed and veiled figure, so unlike my usual self” she thinks when she catches her reflection in a veil for the first time, because initially she doesn’t recognise herself. This could be a result of seeing Bertha, unknown to Jane at this point, shredding the veil in the night and therefore this is the terrifying image that plagues her mind at the sight of the veil, and therefore she cannot identify her self with the stranger staring back at her, because it is not the reflection she expected, or wanted. It is this moment in which many speculate that Bertha is in fact Jane herself, or at least a part of her that she has had to suppress, a raging rebellion against the constriction of marriage, a part of herself she doesn’t know how to control. When Bertha is revealed, she attacks Rochester like “a wild animal” and Jane feels she is unable to tell whether she is “beast or human being”, a physical description that is of total contrast to Jane’s, but it can be argued that her actions reflect what Jane felt she should not do, like renting the veil or lashing out at Rochester for lying to her. It is ultimately this that pulls the couple apart, as Jane eventually comes to the conclusion after a period of complete hopelessness, that she cannot stay at Thornfield while he is still married. The end of this devastating chapter shows this, as Bronte uses an extended metaphor of frost to show how all of Jane’s hopes of marrying Rochester and being happy are gone, through “ice glazed the ripe apples” which shows she feels so devastated that she believes they will never being able to recover and reconcile.

When Jane leaves, she is forced to endure the suffering of homelessness and almost starvation, but is saved, by St. John Rivers. When she is taken inside his home and given a bed for the night, she has “a glow of grateful joy” showing how thankful she is and was aware of how close to death she really was, showing the true extent of how much gratitude she must show to her saviour. Unlike her first meeting with Rochester, here Jane is very weak, and didn’t do the saving, an aspect which could have heavily contributed as to why she never has any deep feeling towards Rivers like she did, and still does, for Rochester.

We are also told of her feelings towards him by his physical description, how he was “tall, slender”, had a “classic nose” and was young, he was typically very attractive, something Jane immediately feels inferior to, and therefore cannot feel equal to him. “He might well be a little shocked at the irregularity of my lineaments” shows how she doesn’t feel comfortable around him, almost self-conscious, something she never felt with Rochester as she didn’t see him as handsome, even feeling comfortable enough to tell him so. These are all reasons which contribute to Jane initially saying no to Rivers proposal, explaining she would “abandon half myself”, the half that is still with Rochester and knows that Rivers does not love her.

However, there is a half that is tempted to say yes and agree to go with him to India, as Jane feels she is attracted to Rivers, or mainly the idea of him. Rivers represents what Jane feels she wants, someone conventional, who offers stability after her difficult journey. But deeply she knows she would not be happy and that his proposal is more business than love, as she calls it a “duty”, and she even says that he talks to her like she is an object through “a useful tool”, all suggesting how see cannot say yes, as this marriage would be as if she were going to her “premature death”, indicating she will soon break away from him.

Jane eventually realises she must be true to herself, and cannot marry Rivers. She discovers this at a time when she is momentarily tempted to say yes to Rivers, she he almost hypnotises her into a religious trance, as she is “motionless” and feels “my refusals were forgotten”, realising her temptation and the crisis. It is here where she speaks to heaven and god, asking them to tell her what she should do, asking for a resolution to her crisis “show me a path”. She then immediately hears a voice she recognised to be Rochester’s, and “it spoke in pain and woe”. Whether Jane actually had a spiritual awakening that pulled her out of River’s trance, is debatable. However it is highly possible that her own self-consciousness made her hear his voice, as a way of just proving to her self that it is really him she loves, even with the possibility of a safe and stable marriage to Rivers, the principle, it cannot compete with her feelings of passion towards Rochester.

The end of the novel eventually sees them reconciled. At the secluded Ferdean, Jane discovers he has been badly hurt, a form of his punishment for his past actions. However, as since Jane arrives his condition begins to improve, even his eyesight, which could mean he has been forgiven and Jane had made the right choice of returning to him. Bertha was killed in the fire of Thornfield, Jane is now financially equal to Rochester, and both characters have found their happy ending within each other. Although as readers this is of course what we wanted to eventually happen, is doesn’t seem entirely realistic, and it can be argued that Bronte knew that. This melodramatic, perfect fairytale end to Jane’s difficult and confusing journey shows that Bronte knew this fantasy would never actually happen in real, Victorian life and admits this problem to the reader, through emphatic, optimistic imaginings.

Words by Alice Beatty do not steal or copy without my consent.

Father's Day

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Last Sunday me and my family went out for the day around the village, going for lunch in a pub and then a fund raising event in a garden with the best view ever.

The food was amazing and it really felt like summer drinking cider in the sunshine, and the garden we went to had an amazing view across the estuary, I used the miniature effect on my camera for the boats, can you tell?
The weather was so hot, well for Britain anyway, and it really had the feeling of summer as everyone was out either riding bikes or just sun bathing. I ate so much food including a cream tea which is always one of my weaknesses, see even in hot weather you can't stop us from drinking tea!

Food- Cinnamon Doughnut French toast

Monday, 16 June 2014

Yes, the title is a bit of a mouthful, but trust me it's worth it.
I found this recipe online when I wanted something different for breakfast last Sunday, and this just sounded amazing! You can find the recipe I used here on Nigella's recipe, and if you want you can add cinnamon to the sugar if you want (it's so good).
All you need to do is make the egg mixture and soak the bread on both sides, then fry each slice with butter and oil. Then to make it doughnut-like just put the sugar and cinnamon onto a plate and coat each slice generously! Yes, it is very indulgent but what are Sunday mornings for?

Beauty- lush mask in 'catastrophe cosmetic'

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Ever have those days were you just really want to have a face mask? Well, I do.
I popped into lush to see what they had to offer and went with 'catastrophe cosmetic' purely because it smelled lovely, fresh and natural, as I hate face masks that smell really artificial. The main scent being that of earthly moss that they describe as being a natural cleanser, and that is soon followed by blueberries, yeah I had no idea blueberries had a smell either.
It applies really smoothly feels cool and refreshing on the skin, something which is always a plus for these sort of things. After leaving it on for about 15 minutes it dries and doesn't actually itch your face as much as I've experienced with other masks so it's tempting to leave it on for even longer. When washed of my face looked brighter and more awake, although not feeling hugely different.
To sum up, this mask did not work miracles in making my skin really soft or spot free, however if you're looking for something to sooth your skin this works really well. I felt like it really reduced redness and it was just a lovely mask to use and it didn't irritate whist waiting for it to dry, which is a huge bonus!

Fashion- The perfect ripped Jean

Jeans from Topshop.

Ripped jeans were something I had been lusting after for so long, but knowing I'd either look homeless or trying way to hard to be cool I resisted. Until, I found these amazing pair in Topshop. Not only are they the most comfortable jeans I've ever owned but they have just the right amount of bagginess for them to be a loose skinny fit, without making my legs look enormous.
They are so versatile that I feel stupid for wondering what I was going to wear with them, and I know I'm going to continue to wear them throughout the summer and then in the winter also!

Books- favourites 'Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Bronte

Since I love books and love talking about them but no one else does, I thought I'd do it here! I'm starting a 'favourites' series where I'll do a little review on books that I absolutely adore and believe everyone should read, so here goes, and please leave comments below about about books you love!

I was very tempted to talk about The Book Thief today as it's incredible, however considering I have 150 pages to go I thought that would be a bit stupid considering I don't know the ending (nope not seeing the film)  so instead I'm talking about Jane Eyre and why all women should read it, and why it shows men what not to do.
A little bit embarrassed to say that I only read this last year, however it is now a firm favourite.  We meet Jane as a young girl introduced by Bronte's first person narrative and you're instantly interested in her, as her first action is punching a boy in the face.  She later goes to work for the dark and elusive Rochester at Thornfield Hall and falls in love with him,  believing that he is the only person who she feels she can connect with.  Very tempting to reveal a spoiler at this point (which most people probably know anyway) however I won't,  even though it's part of the reason why the book is so good.
Many people today name Jane Eyre as one of the first feminists of literature and you can see why, as she firmly believes that the positions of marriage should be of equal value, something that would of been controversial at its time of publishing. Although the word feminist hadn't even been thought of at this time, Jane is such an important character for this movement,  as she is a figurehead for equality in a world that she feels she cannot belong in.
I beg of you to read Jane eyre,  or even if your not a reader watch the film (Michael fassbender as Rochester should persuade you)  as it such an amazing story with it an important message.

Photography- canon 600D

Friday, 13 June 2014

I have now been awakened to how amazing canon cameras are.  There was one thing that I wanted to spend my birthday money on this year because my love of photography combined with the creation of this blog called for a better tool than my iPhone, although still good for the compulsory selfie.
This camera is seriously a must for someone like me who is just getting into photography,  even though of course it still confuses me but I'll get there!
I've given a few examples of the quality of pictures it takes but all future pictures on my blog will probably be taken with it, so it'll probably come across better when I've had more practice.
I'd really recommend this camera if like me you're just starting out and want something a bit cheaper (bought mine on Amazon btw) ,  or if you just want photos that wernt from your iPhone or an ancient digital camera,  also like me.
Anyone else love the 600d?


Art- One dull day

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


One day I was bored so I put on some Fleetwood Mac and decided to paint on my wall.

Fashion- The typical OOTD

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Pretty much wear a different variation of this outfit all the time! A slouchy cardi (Topshop) small tee (Topshop) black skirt or jeans (Topshop) bag (UrbanOutfitters) and boots (Topshop).
I so much prefer dressing for A/W so in the summer you'll still find me wearing bulky boots with patterned dresses or maxi skirt to keep thing a little cooler!

Music- Alice in Chains/Ghost/Walking Papers

Monday, 9 June 2014

One of my favourite evenings of 2013 was going to see this amazing show featuring three incredible bands. The first being the super group Walking Papers which featured drummer Barrett Martin from the Screaming trees and Mad Season to Duff Mckagan from Guns 'n' Roses, and their set featured great songs that were charismatically performed by front man Jeff Angell.
Next were Ghost who's debut album released in 2013 was met with a positive reception, even Rolling Stone calling one everyone needed to hear. Their gothic persona's took to the stage in a dramatic fashion and were amazing! They may not appear to be up your street but I was surprised at how good they were and especially how they could move a crowd.
Alice in Chains appeared on the stage and the haunting echo of Layne Staley's lyrics and memory filled the room. Playing more oldies than new material the band were incredible from the vocals that were reminiscent of Staley's but not an imitation, to Jerry Cantrell's guitar solos.

Photography- The Sun Rising

Saturday, 7 June 2014

I took these photos a few months back when the sun eventually came out. I must have been taking a break from revision or something, and looking back on them now reminds me of John Donne's poem...

" BUSY old fool, unruly Sun,
        Why dost thou thus,
Through windows, and through curtains, call on us ? "